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 Michael Klein - Still Life Floral Painting


Dates: 9-15 May, 2019 (5 days tuition, 6 nights accommodation)              Medium: Oil paint on panel

Location: Vinci, Tuscany                   I  L                                                          Level: Beginner to Advanced      Class size: 10-16 students                                                                                  Language: English

Price: From €1620 per person

Includes 22% VAT, 5 days tuition, easels, 6 nights accommodation, all meals & drinks, extra activities, arrival & departure transfers.

€600 per person non-participating partner

This workshop is a unique opportunity to spend five days with Michael Klein learning his advanced process of still life floral painting in an idyllic setting. It is designed around Klein’s still life method he developed over the last 15 years of his career as a realist artist. 


Due to the fleeting subject matter often associated with flowers, Klein will walk you through a step by step process of capturing the essence of this difficult subject. The artist will start by drawing the set-up to establish anchor points in the composition, working progressively tighter each day on a demonstration piece. 


Klein will also show you how to plan several steps ahead in your painting to achieve the highest level of finish throughout the five day course. There will be a large emphasis placed on palette organization and developing the painting, referencing impressionists techniques and conceptual form rendering. On the final day, we will go back into our paintings and learn how to render the subtle effects that occur in nature and finish the painting as a work of art.

The Venue

This workshop will take place at Agriturismo Streda, a converted farmhouse and winery located in Chianti, just a 5 minute drive from Vinci (the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci).


The agriturismo is located in the Tuscan hills, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, you can enjoy the stunning view whilst relaxing by the swimming pool, walking through the vineyards, or sitting on the terrace with a class of wine.

See photos of  the venue here

Michael Klein

Born in 1980, Klein was 19 when he began his serious training in classical ateliers. In 2002, Klein entered the Water Street Atelier (now Grand Central Atelier), where he apprenticed under founder Jacob Collins until 2005. Klein is now part of a group of American realist painters leading a movement hearkening back to the Renaissance and French Academic traditions. He has had five solo exhibitions in the United States, also participating in several international group shows and his work has been published in numerous magazines such as American Artist Magazine. 

You can see more of Michael's work here:

Instagram: @michaelkleinpaintings




22% VAT, 5 days tuition (30 hours), easels, 6 nights accommodation, all meals & drinks, extra activities, arrival & departure transfers.


You are welcome to bring a partner or friend who is not participating in the course. The €600 fee for non-participating partners includes 6 nights accommodation, transfers, a cooking class, wine tasting and all meals. We will happily assist in planning activities during the days for your partner; such as bike tours, trips to local towns and walks around the surrounding countryside.


  • Solvent Cups and Jar

  • Oleogel - Natural Pigments

  • Palette Knife 

  • Suggested Paints & brands: Viridian Green - Old Holland, Raw Sienna - Michael Harding, Cadmium Yellow Pale - Windsor & Newton, Bright White / Titanium - Old Holland, Soft White / Stack Process Flake Lead White - Rublev, Cadmium Orange - Old Holland, Burnt Sienna - Winsor & Newton, Permanent Alizarin Crimson - Winsor & Newton, Magenta - Old Holland, Cobalt Violet - Winsor & Newton, Cobalt Blue - Winsor & Newton, Ultramarine Blue - Old Holland, Ivory Black - Old Holland, Burnt Umber - Old Holland, Raw Umber - Old Holland.

  • Panels: Artefex, New Traditions, or Raymar panels - any option is fine. From 11x14 inches up to 16x20 inches. Michael: "If you know how to prepare a panel, you can bring your own panel as well. I often recommend to use what you are comfortable with." 

  • BrushesThe Michael Klein set from Rosemary & Co brushes is available through their website.

We will provide odorless mineral spirits, brush cleaner, easels, paper towels/rags. 


Dates: 9-15 May, 2019

Price: From €1620 (includes 22% VAT, 5 days tuition, 6 nights accommodation, easels, all meals & drinks, transfers & extra activities).


Agriturismo Streda

32, Via di Streda

50059, Vinci

FI, Tuscany

Medium: Oil on panel

Class size: 10-16


Contact us:

IT: +39 347 333 9931


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