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Nicolás Uribe - Figurative Painting - Form, Color & Intent

September 9 - September 15, 2018

(5 days tuition, 6 nights accommodation)

Instructor: Nicolás Uribe

Location: Tenuta Moriano, Chianti (Tuscany)

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Medium: Oil on board, panel or linen

Class size: 8 to 14 students

Language: English


€1950 per person private double 

(includes tuition, model, transfers, accommodation & meals)

€1580 per person twin share

(includes tuition, model, transfers, accommodation & meals)

€500 per person non-participating partner

(includes transfers, accommodation & meals)

Prices includes 22% VAT

Art Workshop in Italy with Nicolás Uribe

Location & accommodation

The location for this retreat is Tenuta Moriano, a converted farmhouse and winery located in the the heart of Chianti, in between Florence and Siena. The agriturismo is located in the Tuscan hills, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with sweeping views over the region.  See images of Tenuta Moriano and learn more about the location here​.

What's included 

Five days of tuition, 6 nights accommodation, extra activities (cooking class, wine tasting or pizza night), transfers on the first and last day of the workshop, and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks).  


Non-participating travelling partners 

You are welcome to bring a partner or friend who is not participating in the course. Rates for non-participating partners include accommodation, transfers and all meals. We will gladly assist in planning activities during the days for your partner; such as vineyard tours with wine tasting and walks around the surrounding countryside. There is also the opportunity to use the swimming pool, tennis court or table tennis tables which are situated right in front of the villa.


You have the choice to either bring all your own materials (as listed below) or to purchase the paints and canvases from us on arrival - prices will be released soon.


Materials list:

  • Palette: wooden, masonite, glass or acrylic, it's important that the palette is not white.

  • Palette knife and medium cup for solvent.

  • Brushes: a selection of Bristle brushes and Natural Sable or Synthetic brushes, of varied shapes and sizes (flats, filberts and rounds).

  • Oil paints: lead white (or titanium white), cadmium yellow lemon (or winsor yellow), yellow ochre, cadmium red medium, permanent alizarin crimson, terra rosa (or venetian red), raw umber, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue and ivory black.

  • Surface: panels, boards or linen, all previously primed with a neutral tone. For morning paintings - 5 pieces no smaller than 8"x 10" and no bigger than 20"x 20". For the afternoon week-long painting, one piece no bigger than 30"x 30".


We will provide alkyd medium (liquin or galkyd), odorless solvent (gamsol or OMS) and easels.


During this 5 day retreat, participants will paint from the life model, with different daily poses each morning, followed by a week long pose in the afternoons. Under the guidance of Nicolás Uribe, participants will go home with a strong understanding of the importance of form, color and intent in figurative painting.


Painting the form nowadays is a challenge that requires an understanding of the materials used, in particular the pigments. Nicolás is going to concentrate on the importance of the color palette you use and how the chosen colors have the potential to amplify each painting. Identifying the type of variables that compose a painting, is a vital practice for the painter. Among those variables are composition, drawing, form, structure, gesture, light, atmosphere, expression and color.


During this art retreat, specific exercises while working from a life model are going to be done, with a focus on the color relationships that are generated in each palette type. The goal is to bring the painter closer to identifying and generating a solid dynamic between perception, intention and interpretation through painting, never leaving behind the fundamentals of drawing.


Arriving on Sunday September 9th, classes start on Monday September 10th and continue to Friday September 14th, with departure on Saturday September 15th (5 days tuition, 6 nights accommodation). Prices include tuition, accommodation, all meals and transfers.

Your instructor

Nicolás Uribe is an American painter, born in Wisconsin, USA, currently based in Bogotá, Colombia. He graduated with Honours from the School of Visual Arts in NY. Nicolás has had numerous solo exhibitions both in the US and South America, and has exhibited his work in Mexico, Spain and Egypt, among other countries. He has taught painting workshops in the UK, Spain, Canada and the US. He splits his time between preparing works for upcoming exhibitions and teaching life drawing and painting at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogotá. Nicolás is also part of the ‘Blank Atelier in Bogotá’ team, where he teaches workshops privately.

See more of Nicolás' work at or see his instagram page here: @nicolasuribeb

Art workshops in Italy with Art Escape Italy and Nicolás Uribe
Retreat Itinerary

Day 1  | Sept 9

Pick up from Florence train station (SMN) at 3pm or 6pm

Orientation, aperitivo and welcome dinner


Day 2  | Sept 10

9am-12pm: Nicolás will start the workshop with a 3hr Demo using a complete palette.


2pm-5pm: Start of a week-long pose using a complete palette.

8pm: Dinner

Day 3  | Sept 11

9am-12pm: The Reduced Earth Palette (Lead White, Yellow Ochre, Terra Rossa, Raw Umber)


2pm-5pm: Day two of the week-long pose using a complete palette.

8pm: dinner

Day 4  | Sept 12

9am-12pm: The 4 Color Palette (Lead White, Yellow Ochre, Cad Red Medium, Ivory Black)


2pm-5pm: Day three of the week-long pose using a complete palette.

8pm Dinner

Day 5  | Sept 13

9am-12pm: The Temperature Palette (Lead White, Yellow Ochre, Cad Red Medium, Alizarin, Ultramarine Blue, Raw Umber)


2pm-5pm: Day four of the week-long pose using a complete palette.

8pm: Dinner

Day 6  | Sept 14

9am-12pm: The High Chroma Palette

(Lead White, Cad Lemon Yellow, Cad Red Medium, Cobalt Blue)


2pm-5pm: Final day of the week-long pose using a complete palette.

8pm: Farewell dinner

Day 7  | Sept 15

Departure, transfer to Florence train station (SMN) at 8am or 11am.



Start: Sept 9, 2018

End: Sept 15, 2018


Skill level: Beginner to Advanced 


Prices: €1950 for private double room, €1580 for twin share room

Includes: tuition,

accommodation, extra activities, meals, transfers


Tenuta Moriano

Via Colle di San Lorenzo, 7
50025, Montespertoli, Tuscany

Bookings: see below


Contact us:

IT: +39 347 333 9931

UK: +44 7492 901 919

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Accommodation, pricing & registration


To register for this painting retreat, please click on 'Register now', from there you can fill out our registration form and you will shortly receive an email to confirm your place on this workshop. Once you have filled out our registration form and your place on the workshop has been confirmed we will let you know how to proceed from there and how the payments can be made.


€1950 - Private double bedroom.

(includes 5 days tuition, models, 6 nights accommodation, all meals and drinks, transfers to and from the venue, extra activities such as cooking class/wine tasting)

€1580 - Twin share bedroom. (single bed in a twin share bedroom, if you choose this option we will allocate you in a bedroom with a workshop participant of the same gender)

(includes 5 days tuition, models, 6 nights accommodation, all meals and drinks, transfers to and from the venue, extra activities such as cooking class/wine tasting)

Travelling with a partner or friend?

€3160 - Private double or twin share bedroom, for a couple of two friends who are both attending the workshop

(included for two people: 5 days tuition, models, 6 nights accommodation, all meals and drinks, transfers to and from the venue, extra activities such as cooking class/wine tasting)

€500 - Extra cost for non-participating partner (a partner or friend who will share a room with you, but is not taking part in the workshop.

(includes 6 nights accommodation, all meals and drinks, transfers to and from the venue, extra activities such as cooking class/wine tasting)

Please note:

All prices include 22% VAT.

Credit card or bank transfer fees are not included.

If you choose the twin share bedroom option of 1580 euro, this bedroom must be shared either with another workshop participant, or with a participating partner. It can not be shared with a non-participating partner.

If you have any questions about the art retreat, or about the registration and payment process, please email us at

Questions? Contact us

Thanks! Message sent.

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