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Lake Como photos to spark your wanderlust!

Whenever I think of my trip to Lake Como I remember the serenity I felt whilst by the lake. I’d had my fair share of Como sightings from Bond movies but I was determined to see it for myself during a 2-week, 6-city tour of Italy & Switzerland. And I can tell you now that I was not disappointed; this majestic, picturesque location is almost beyond words.

I happily reminisce over the calm that flooded over me as I ferried to multiple regions of the lake and walked through the town of Bellagio, letting myself get lost along the way.

It started with a train ride from Zurich (one of the top ten scenic rides in the world, might I add). It takes you through the Swiss Alps and you are treated to views that aren’t even accessible by car. I loaded up on snacks and wine at the train station so that I had a fancy little feast before arriving at the lake. Upon arrival, you can take a short bus ride along the lake or hop on a ferry that darts back and forth to each side, I did both.

Lake Como is the ultimate destination for some rest and relaxation. Not only is there sensational food to enjoy, with some distinct regional flavors that are like no other Italian cuisine I’ve had. There are also loads of opportunities for water activities and some stunning villas to visit (I personally recommend Villa del Balbianello, you can thank me later).

There are many towns and villages along the lake, and when it comes to hotels - you can't go wrong as most places offer fantastic views of the lake, mountains and sometimes a view of the Swiss Alps. As you can probably tell by now, I highly recommend a trip to Lake Como, and to get you in the mood here are a few of my favorite pics, enjoy...

Written by Art Escape Italy's artist in residence, Janay Everett

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