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Life Under Lockdown in Italy

Lucca under lockdown March 10, 2020

Life Under Lockdown - Spreading Positivity - Art Inspiration Right Now

April 2020


A lot of you will have probably seen the videos of people singing and dancing on their balconies here in Italy. If you haven't already do have a look at a couple of our favourites below, they will brighten up your day!

This Opera singer delights his neighbours by singing Nessun Dorma:

This lady lifted spirits everywhere by dancing on her balcony in Napoli:


Our hometown, the silent streets of Lucca:

Anyone who has travelled to Italy before, whether in high or low season will know that the streets are usually full of tourists. Seeing Italy this quiet has been quite surreal.



So if you're running out of ideas of things to paint at home, here are some of our favourite videos and channels to keep you inspired:

Nicolas Uribe & Dani's: Our Painted Lives

"The easiest way to describe the Our Painted Lives YouTube channel, where we’re hoping people can accompany us while I paint and draw for 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday, initially for two years. The aim of the channel is to present painting as a habitual act, something that can be incorporated into our everyday lives, regardless of whatever level you feel you’re at, or for how long you’ve been painting for."

Alpay Efe

Alpay has tons of oil painting videos on his youtube channel, from demos, the basics of portrait painting, to thoughts on painting in oil, and useful tips.

Croquis Cafe

Looking for a life model? Check out Croquis Cafe's Videos on Vimeo

Giveaways for Artists

Try our painting challenges on Instagram & Facebook - we'll be giving away an art related prize each week this month. See more here:

Art Escape Italy Giveaway

We hope you all get a chance to visit us in Italy when all of this is over! Keep positive and stay safe, Tana & Dorian xo

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