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Self-Portraits from Artists in Lockdown

As a way of keeping inspired and creative during lockdown, we've been announcing weekly Giveaways, which have been open to all artists. We have just come to the end of our final Giveaway which was a self-portrait competition, not an easy task for any artist.

This week's prize was a place on one of our 2021 art workshops in Florence, and over the last 10 days we have been receiving self-portraits from artists in Lockdown all around the world. We have been blown away by the sheer quantity and quality of entries. Some entries show an incredible understanding of composition and use of colour, others simply emote so much feeling.

Picking a winner was so difficult that we could only narrow it down to our favourite 5 and eventually we asked our friend Zin Lim (an amazing artist) to be a guest judge and make the final decision.

We've so enjoyed seeing the different approaches and perspectives from so many artists during these challenging times, that we wanted to display as many entries from instagram, facebook and email as we could in one place. Unfortunately we could only fit half of the entries on this page, sorry if your artwork is not here but a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to participate!

Click to enlarge each image and see the name of each artist. Enjoy...

If you are one of the artists featured and you would prefer to not have your work featured email us and we'll take it down.

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